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MLB Draft Results 2012: St. Louis Cardinals Have Eclectic Mix Through Two Days

The first day of the St. Louis Cardinals' 2012 MLB Draft resulted in a surprising number of college seniors, perhaps none more surprising than No. 23 pick James Ramsey, a college hitter with indifferent tools and a bit of a positional problem whose numbers, adjusted for schedule and park, were better last year than anybody else's in Division I. Day 2 saw a more balanced approach, starting with vaunted high school prospect Carson Kelly, who could be an impact player on the infield or as a right-handed pitcher. Here's a look at the complete results through two days of drafting.

  1. RHP Michael Wacha (No. 19 overall)
  2. OF James Ramsey (No. 23)
  3. 1B-3B Stephen Piscotty (No. 36)
  4. 3B Patrick Wisdom (No. 52)
  5. C Steve Bean (No. 59)
  6. 3B Carson Kelly (No. 86)
  7. LHP Tim Cooney (No. 117)
  8. SS Alejandro Meija (No. 150)
  9. RHP Cory Jones (No. 180)
  10. RHP Kurt Heyer (No. 210)
  11. RHP Kyle Barraclough (No. 240)
  12. OF Yoenny Gonzalez (No. 270)
  13. C Rowan Wick (No. 300)
  14. 2B Jacob Wilson (No. 330)
  15. SS Trey Williams (No. 360)
  16. LHP Max Foody (No. 390)
  17. SS Brett Wiley (No. 420)
  18. SS Anthony Melchionda (No. 450)
  19. SS Bruce Caldwell (No. 480)
With five first-rounders, this Cardinals draft is sure to cast a major influence over the farm system for years to come—we'll see, over the next few years, whether that influence is a positive or negative one. For more on the 2012 MLB Draft, follow along on our St. Louis Cardinals draft storystream.