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2012 MLB Draft: Carson Kelly The St. Louis Cardinals' Toughest Sign

The St. Louis Cardinals took a conservative approach in day one of the 2012 MLB Draft, and on day two—with the No. 86 pick, in the second round—they gave themselves a target with which to paint all that unspent bonus cash: Carson Kelly, a 17-year-old high schooler who looks like a top prospect whether you think he's actually a pitcher or a power-hitting third baseman. He'll be tough to keep out of college, but the Cardinals, having drafted a few college seniors ahead of him, should have plenty of money left in their bonus pool to spend. Here's some video, if you'd like to make the positional decision for yourself:

Scouting reports like him on both sides of the ball, but the Cardinals shouldn't count their position changes before they're hatched—they'll still have to sign him, and immediately after he was drafted he didn't seem to have his mind made up. In a draft filled with polish, the Cardinals could certainly use a player like Kelly's upside, no matter which glove they tell him to pack. But he's likely to cost more than some of their first rounders.