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2012 MLB Draft Results: Cardinals Continue To Raid College Ranks

The St. Louis Cardinals surprised most draft watchers by selecting college players with their first four picks in the 2012 MLB Draft, but it was a strategy that they continued to follow in Day 2 of the 2012 MLB Draft, with one notable exception. That one exception would be the second round selection of Oregon-based high school infielder Carson Kelly, who slipped likely to due signability issues even though he was seen as a talent worthy of a late first round pick.

But after that, the Cardinals largely stuck to the college ranks, selecting players like Wake Forest pitcher Tim Cooney in the third round, Arizona shortstop Alejandro Mejia in the fourth round, College of the Canyons pitcher Cory Jones in the fifth round and Arizona righty pitcher Kurt Heyer in the sixth round.

For the full list of Cardinals draftees heading into Day 3, click here.

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