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Cardinals Vs. Astros Lineups: Matt Holliday Gets Routine Day Off

The St. Louis Cardinals are giving left fielder Matt Holliday a routine day of rest as they face the Houston Astros on Wednesday night. Holliday didn't have a great start to the month, so the team is hoping that some added rest will help to get him back on track like the rest of the team.

Yadier Molina is back in the lineup for St. Louis on Wednesday after he got a day off himself.

Here's the full St. Louis lineup:

And here's the lineup for Houston:

1. Jose Altuve (2B)
2. Jed Lowrie (SS)
3. Fernando Martinez (RF)
4. J.D. Martinez (LF)
5. Chris Johnson (3B)
6. Brett Wallace (1B)
7. Justin Maxwell (CF)
8. Jason Castro (C)
9. Bud Norris (P)

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