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MLB Draft 2012: Houston Astros, Carlos Correa Near Deal Already

The 2012 MLB Draft is barely over, and the Houston Astros already appear to be nearing a deal with Carlos Correa, the powerful shortstop they chose with the No. 1 overall pick. Credit former St. Louis Cardinals farm czar Jeff Luhnow, I guess, for knowing exactly what he wants and going after it. Reporting the deal: The Astros' owner, Jim Crane, a reliable source if ever there was one. If he signs this early Correa, 17, will have a chance to join the club's rookie-level affiliates as soon as they open up later in June.

In years prior this kind of deal might lead to Carlos Correa being labeled a "signability pick," but the limited draft pools out of which all teams will be issuing their signing bonuses have led to signability being a very real asset in a player. The Cardinals were among the first teams in the draft to play this game, back when they drafted college senior James Ramsey No. 23 overall.

For more on Jeff Luhnow's draft strategy, then and now, I'd like to point you to our own Nathan Grimm's interview with him.