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MLB Draft 2012: Carson Kelly Chased By Oregon Ducks And St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals built their 2012 MLB Draft strategy around him, and the Oregon Ducks built their recruiting class around him, but only one set of birds will get to call top high school prospect Carson Kelly their own. The Ducks are a strong college team—and in-state, though he would probably have his tuition covered either way—but the Cardinals have an advantage in chasing their second-round pick, who could be either a third baseman or a pitcher: Lots of money.

By drafting college guys without a lot of leverage—Michael Wacha, James Ramsey, and Patrick Wisdom—in their huge first round, the Cardinals gave themselves room to draft a guy like Kelly, who could reasonably expect to become a first round pick if he excels in college. Their argument: Why even risk it? Just take the six-figure bonus and call it a day.

As for the Ducks—there's an interesting look at this from their side on OregonLive. But I don't like their odds.