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St. Louis Cardinals Rumors: Redbirds Apparently Among Last Teams Interested In Brian Fuentes

Oddly enough, it seems like Brian Fuentes, late of the Oakland Athletics, was more popular as an MLB rumors target when the interested team would have had to trade Oakland a prospect. Now that he's been released, and the St. Louis Cardinals or anybody else could get him for the league minimum and a few well-targeted compliments, teams have been backing out of the rumor mill one after the other.

Wednesday it was reported that the Dodgers were interested in a LOOGY, but not Fuentes; now someone's heard the same thing about the Angels.

The Cardinals, for their part, haven't shown interest as such--but at this point, just not saying that Brian Fuentes sucks and you hate him amounts to interest, so far as I can tell. The former closer--he's got 204 career saves, in case you were wondering--is probably done, but left-handed relievers as a class are so unpredictable and so generally unexciting that I'm surprised teams are singling him out for disapproval among the tens of unpleasant options available to bullpen stragglers.