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MLB Trade Rumors: Huston Street Is Mets, Cardinals, Everybody Else's Quick Fix

I'm sorry, proverbial ladies: There isn't enough Huston Street to go around. Every year around this time a relief pitcher becomes every contending team's ideal quick fix, and articles run across America suggesting that the one thing keeping the hometown nine from the World Series is that they don't have a Proven Closer like--well, like Huston Street, this year. The St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets are the most outspoken candidates for a closer transplant this year, but they're far from the only teams whose fans have declared them interested.

Just look up "Huston Street" on your favorite news engine. Go ahead, I'll wait. From blogs, newspapers, and news sites I count desire from the Cardinals, the Mets, and the Washington Nationals. You could find more if you looked at the team blogs themselves.

It's all for naught, but at least their desire makes sense this year--Huston Street is considerably better than last year's global trade candidate, Heath Bell. The question is whether the Cardinals, or any other team, would want to part with the prospects that the second half of Street's Petco-inspired career year would seem to require in return.