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Brett Myers Trade Is Another Jeff Luhnow Hit For Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros' dismantling of their veteran bullpen continued Saturday, trading Brett Myers to the Chicago White Sox, and the move was entirely in keeping with former St. Louis Cardinals GM Jeff Luhnow's love of high-quantity depth prospects. The White Sox sent three players, including one to be named later, and will pay about half of Myers's salary for the rest of the season. The prospects, Matt Heidenreich and Blair Walters, are Jeff Luhnow specials; one's a tall, average-armed righty who could be a mid-rotation starter if absolutely everything broke right, and the other is a left-hander who could start or end up in the bullpen. (John Sickels has scouting reports.)


I feel like I said both of those things a million times when Luhnow was GM of the Cardinals, and now they have one of the best farm systems in baseball; Houston Astros fans should feel lucky to have him rebuilding their organization. They should also feel lucky that Chicago White Sox fans now have to deal with trying to root for Brett Myers, who had that whole spousal abuse thing going on way back when...