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Memphis Redbirds Put 24 Runs On The Board... Without Cardinals Prospect Matt Adams

On Sunday the Memphis Redbirds, the St. Louis Cardinals' AAA affiliate, put 24 runs on the Oklahoma City RedHawks. If you follow the Cardinals' minor league system, you'd be forgiven for thinking that first baseman Matt Adams had anything to do with it. But he wasn't even playing--which is nearly as impressive as the two grand slams the Redbirds hit in the same inning.


Instead of Adams, the heroes were 2007 first-round pick Pete Kozma and catcher-third-baseman-left-fielder Steven Hill, who hit grand slams five at-bats apart, missing back-to-back slams by a single out. Hill, in at first base instead of Adams, finished 5-5; Kozma was 4-6, adding a double. Ryan Jackson, the Cardinals' top defensive-whiz shortstop, added four hits to get his average back up to .280. While we're at it: Adron Chambers, Mark Hamilton (who drove in four), Bryan Anderson, and Eugenio Velez all had two hits.


Shane Robinson was 1-5 but scored three times. Brandon Dickson picked up a hit. Basically it was a good day to be a member of the Memphis Redbirds you kind of recognize, is what I'm saying.