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Allen Craig Is Having A Spectacular Season, You Guys

Allen Craig is having a spectacular season, you guys. Just in case you weren't aware. He's on pace to hit 26 home runs and drive in 97 runs in 81 games. He's hitting .316/.389/.645. He won't finish the season slugging .645, but in his career, almost a full season, he's hitting .297/.354/.537. I was always worried that, having hit like that in the minor leagues, the slightly-old-for-his-leagues, college-tested Craig would float around the league average OPS once he took a major league adjustment. As it turns out, he appears to just be a .300/.350/.500 hitter everywhere. At least.


The Cardinals have a pretty good problem to deal with for the rest of the season: When Lance Berkman comes back, which is set to happen relatively soon, they'll have to find a way to keep Allen Craig in the lineup. More pointedly: When Lance Berkman comes back, they're going to have to find a way to get Lance Berkman into the lineup. Craig's too good to just be Berkman's sort-of-platoon-partner; he's going to have to play against all lefties and most righties.