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Marlins Vs. Cardinals: St. Louis May Opt To Start Rookie C Bryan Anderson

Despite backup C Tony Cruz hitting the crucial, game-winning triple in Saturday's win over the Miami Marlins, it appears likely the St. Louis Cardinals will opt to start callup C Bryan Anderson will SP Joe Kelly pitching for the Cards. Anderson, who had only a .568 OPS in the minor leagues this season, had previously served as Kelly's battery mate, potentially giving him an advantage calling the game.

Anderson, 25 years old, has spent large parts of the last four seasons in the Triple-A. Getting his first chance in the majors since 2010 has been a major goal for him:

"[Triple-A is] not some place you want to be that long," said Anderson, 25. "I'm just trying to improve my game so that some day I can get out of there.

"It's not your goal growing up to play in Memphis for your life."

The Cards are presently without their All-Star catcher, C Yadier Molina, as he is away on the bereavement list.

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