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MLB Futures Game 2012: Cardinals Prospect Kolten Wong Begins Minor League Showcase With Standing Backflip

Yes: The St. Louis Cardinals' top infield prospect is known for doing the occasional backflip as he enters the field. The 2012 MLB Futures Game was the first chance for a lot of Cardinals fans to see that particular tic; everyone watching the minor league all-star game on ESPN 2 was greeted by the sight of Kolten Wong, their second-baseman-of-the-future and top pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, performing a standing backflip.

Wong then proceeded to throw out fellow Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras in his first chance at second; Taveras started for the World team and batting third, while Wong earned the start for the USA team on the infield. Outside of the All-Star Break, the two are teammates for the AA Springfield Cardinals.

Kolten Wong is hitting .310/.384/.439 in 78 games with the AA Cardinals, while Taveras, just 20 years old, is hitting .322/.372/.596, with 17 home runs and 63 RBI. It's been a good year to be a Cardinals fan in Springfield, Missouri, is what I'm saying--and for one night, at least, fans in the rest of the country will be able to see why.