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Your Matt Holliday Is Great At Baseball Update

Update: Matt Holliday, who many still believe to not be very clutch, won a must-win game for the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday, hitting two home runs and doing some fine work in the outfield. He's currently hitting .325/.408/.561, with 21 home runs (on pace for 33) and 75 RBI (on pace for 117.) He's sixth in the National League in batting, fifth in home runs, first in RBI, third in runs scored, and sixth in OPS.


Matt Holliday is paid less than Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth. He is still much better at baseball. While your friend who doesn't think Matt Holliday is very clutch has groused about that, Matt Holliday has .315/.396/.543 across 445 games. In a lower offensive environment, outside Coors Field, on the wrong side of 30, Matt Holliday's OPS is actually higher now than it was during his career with the Colorado Rockies.


This has been your Matt Holliday is great at baseball update. (From the people who brought you your Ray Lankford Is Very Good at Baseball updates!)