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St. Louis Cardinals Move Joe Kelly Back To Rotation, Lance Lynn Moves To Bullpen

The St. Louis Cardinals are moving rookie Joe Kelly into the rotation in place of Lance Lynn. The two pitchers were notified on Saturday morning, according to this report by the St. Louis Dispatch. Kelly's first scheduled start back in the rotation will take place next Wednesday.

Lynn has failed to make it past the fifth inning in his past three starts and only lasted two innings in his start on Friday night, giving up six hits and four earned runs against the Cincinnatti Reds. Lynn has allowed a total of 23 runs in his past six starts.

Kelly was removed from the rotation recently, but has put up solid performances as a reliever, giving up only two runs in 8.2 innings since the move.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said the move is open-ended and will be evaluated from start to start.

Dan Moore, a writer for SB Nation's Viva El Birdos, had this to say about about Lynn's possible departure from the rotation:

Generally I'm in favor of any move that reiterates Lynn's importance in the rotation--bumping him for a start so that he'll be fresher in September, or something--and not in favor of any move that suggests that the month he's had predicts the month he'll have next, which should therefore be avoided by putting him in the bullpen or telling him the season's over and being really convincing about it or giving Joe Kelly a velvet uniform and a scepter and the shelf full of Hungoes that Al Hrabosky clearly wants to give him.

Most of Kelly's troubles have been related to his lack of control. Kelly regaining his form will be crucial for the Cardinals, especially with the playoffs looming.

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