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MLB Suspends Andres Serrano For One Year

Major League Baseball has suspended Dominican pitcher Andres Serrano for one year after the league voided his contract with the St. Louis Cardinals due to unverified age and identification claims recently, as Ben Badler of Baseball America reports.

According to Badler, Serrano's disciplinary action from MLB should end on June 26, 2013, but the first date that he'll really be able to sign is July 2 given rules in the present collective bargaining agreement. Under the CBA, international players aren't eligible to sign during a "closed period" lasting from June 16 to July 1.

That could ultimately impact where the pitcher signs once he's no longer suspended. Unlike this year, when all teams were allotted a $2.9 million signing pool, the amount that's in each team's signing pool for next year will be determined by 2012 winning percentages.

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