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Lance Berkman Ambivalent About DHing For 2013 Houston Astros

The idea of a physically limited but still powerful Lance Berkman returning to the Houston Astros as a designated hitter during the team's first season in the American League in 2013 would seem to make a lot of sense. It just doesn't sit right with Berkman himself.

The injured St. Louis Cardinals first baseman told the idea doesn't interest him.

"Not really. Obviously, that's been talked about. I'm not ruling anything out. But, as it sits today, it's not something that I'm super-interested (in)," Berkman told reporters. "I wouldn't want to just limp around as a DH. If I can't get the thing back pretty close to where it's 100 percent, I'm not going to fool with it."

Berkman still has a home in Houston. He's out for the season for the Cardinals, and hasn't said what his plans, if any, are for next year.

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