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St. Louis Cardinals wild card: Cardinals' playoff chances reach season-high

With their 4-0 win on the Astros on Tuesday, the Cardinals moved ever so close to the playoffs.

According to the latest odds from Baseball Prospectus, St. Louis now has a 97% probability of making the post-season.

Atlanta, at 89-65, clinched the first wild card spot in the NL playoffs on Tuesday with a walk-off HR from Freddie Freeman against the Marlins.

And while there were a lot of teams pursuing St. Louis for the second wild card spot earlier in the month, they've fallen off the pace as September rolls to a close.

The 78-76 Phillies were never able to overcome their slow start to the season while the 79-76 Brewers, the 76-78 Pirates and the 79-75 Dodgers would all need a miraculous push over the last two weeks to sneak into the playoffs.

However, as the Cardinals well know from their run last September, in baseball, you can never count anyone out until your probability of making the playoffs reaching 100%.