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Cardinals Vs. Brewers Rain Delay: St. Louis Projects 9:30 PM Start Time

If you were looking forward to catching the St. Louis Cardinals' series-opener against the Milwaukee Brewers Friday night and then turning in early, I have some bad news: The storms in St. Louis have pushed the start time for Kyle Lohse's turn with Yovani Gallardo all the way back to 9:30 PM, which means the action could push past midnight unless one or both of the starters has spend the two-hour delay getting incredibly locked in.

In case you've been ignoring the Brewers all season, it might surprise you to learn just how much they have in common with the Cardinals. (Check out some examples on Viva El Birdos.) In the season after losing their face-of-the-franchise first baseman to free agency, the Brewers' offense hasn't been a problem, but awful bullpen play and the vagaries of chance have pushed them down below their predicted Pythagorean record.

Of course, in the Brewers' case it also pushed them down below .500, which is why the Cardinals are still in contention and the Brewers are all but looking forward to next year.