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New Orleans Saints Suspension Still Applies To Gregg Williams; Rams Fans Don't Notice

The New Orleans Saints suspensions lifted Friday—you may have seen Jonathan Vilma quote Stewie Griffin, thus losing all the public goodwill he'd suddenly gained—do not include St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (or the rest of the Saints' off-field personnel.) The collective response, certainly in St. Louis and probably elsewhere, can be summarized thusly: "Well, okay."


In St. Louis Williams wasn't around long enough to even generate any good or ill will; his sudden ouster and the whole depressing story of the bounty scandal hit Rams country only inasmuch to prove once and for all that the Rams were a star-crossed franchise that just couldn't possibly avoid unintentionally being implicated in the worst NFL scandal in years.


He was out of town almost instantly, and since then the defense has been run without any particular defensive coordinator—which appears to have caused no particular problems. As the Saints bounty scandal draws to a weird, sputtering close, Williams remains the most severely punished figure—and weirdly and sputteringly enough, nobody cares.