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Mark Clayton's Knee: Oh, Come On

I repeat: Oh, come on. The Rams reached for Clayton in the first place because their other de-facto number one with ball-catching problems, Donnie Avery, blew his knee out. Clayton proceeds to exceed our expectations—he was on pace to be the first Rams wide receiver to pull down 1000 yards in a hundred thousand years—and then blows his own knee out. Dear Sam Bradford: I'm sorry, I really am. 


Turf Show Times says the early word is the Rams will look at Devin Thomas, one step further removed from a receiving corps that already looked like a bunch of patches duct-taped together. Stop me if you've already heard this one—Thomas is another speedy receiver who's had problems turning that into a first-reliever skill-set.


Fantasy football players: I would recommend picking up Danny Amendola. Nobody has to catch the ball, but somebody has to have it thrown his way.