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St. Louis Rams' Wide Receiver Pool Runs Narrow And Shallow

At Turf Show Times VanRam puts to words the question we'll be talking around all week: Are the St. Louis Rams' current crop of wide receivers enough? He suggests, pragmatically, that it isn't just about the nebulous season as a whole, about nabbing Vincent Jackson or, unfortunately, not nabbing him—it's about having enough depth on a game-to-game basis. 


The Rams go into this week's game with five receivers on the active roster; one, Laurent Robinson, is made of glass, and the other, Danario Alexander, was supposed to be weeks away from 100% until Mark Clayton went down.  This isn't just a lot of pressure to put on the skills of Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, and Mardy Gilyard—it's a lot of pressure to put on their continued health.