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NFL Preview: Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams Have Each Other, At Least

Sam Bradford doesn't have to worry about much at all because he was guaranteed $50 million in the offseason, and the St. Louis Rams don't have to worry about their quarterback because it's Sam Bradford, who has, thus far, been passable in that way that's so exciting for true rookies to manage. But that, I think, is all the Rams offense and Bradford can be sure about, heading into Sunday's match-up with the (also 2-3) San Diego Chargers.


The wide receiver corps is anemic—Danario Alexander will be highly emotional but maybe not healthy, and Danny Amendola will spend the first quarter trying to shake the HE'S THROWING IT TO ME sign off his back before the secondary sees it. Steven Jackson is healthy, which for Steven Jackson, at this point, only means that medical personnel and stadium security haven't yet forcibly removed him from the field. 


The Chargers pasted the Arizona Cardinals in week four and lost a wild one to the Oakland Raiders in week five, which doesn't give us a lot to go on. Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews have been more effective than the 2009 version of LaDanian Tomlinson, and Philip Rivers has been outstanding even without Vincent Jackson to throw it to; he leads football in passing yards, touchdowns, and yards per attempt.


One thing these teams have in common, besides their record, is that neither seems like a conventional 2-3 team. And after this weekend's game, for good or ill, neither will be.