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Vincent Jackson To The... San Diego Chargers?

The Vincent Jackson Situation might finally be coming to a conclusion, with its most boring plot-twist yet—The Sporting News is reporting that Jackson will end his holdout and rejoin the San Diego Chargers, something the Chargers would probably have preferred to hear about in August. Jackson, whom the St. Louis Rams pursued for a while, and the St. Louis Rams' fanbase pursued even longer than that, has been linked all year with just about every team in the NFL. I hear Maurice Clarett tried to recruit him to the Omaha Nighthawks. 


And now, the Chargers, although you'll be glad to know the sources are saying it won't happen until the end of the month. Our own Aaron Hooks was very bullish on a Jackson deal, as a sign of confidence from the front office, if nothing else, and while Sam Bradford has already proven capable under less-than-ideal circumstances it would be nice to see what he can do with a real number-one wide receiver. Or a real number-two. But it looks like the Vincent Jackson sweepstakes will end with everybody going home empty-handed.