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Steven Jackson In Position To Top Eric Dickerson's Rams Rushing Record

He didn't manage to put it all away in one afternoon, but Sunday's 109-yard performance against the San Diego Chargers put Steven Jackson within 32 yards of the (Los-Angeles-and) St. Louis Rams' all-time rushing record, currently held by Eric Dickerson, who, for what it's worth, did once run for 208 yards on 21 carries against the St. Louis Cardinals. (And then 124 yards on 20 carries. And then 193 yards on 38 carries. And then there weren't any more St. Louis Football Cardinals, and it might be his fault.)


In case you're looking for the reverse-jinx, the last time Steven Jackson didn't pick up 32 rushing yards on the ground was in 2008, when he managed seven rushes for 17 yards against... the Arizona Cardinals. Also, Jackson had a secretary named Kennedy, and Dickerson had a secretary named Lincoln.