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Fantasy Football: Danario Alexander A Sleeper Pick?

Danario Alexander has escaped the St. Louis Rams news cycle for some much-deserved national attention — at SB Nation proper Brian Galliford is even now touting him as a fantasy football sleeper. This is an interesting pick, but I'm not sure I'd do it unless I were having serious problems at wide receiver — like, if I'd begun the season with Donnie Avery, then traded to get Mark Clayton after he went down in the preseason, for instance.


Nevertheless, the point he makes, that "any receiver that has a rapport with Sam Bradford - Alexander clearly does - is worth adding at this point," is worth considering even as a way of discussing how the Rams' offense will work next week, and over the rest of the season. On Sunday Bradford bucked his trend of relying heavily on one receiver, which has, variously, been Mark Clayton or Danny Amendola—he was all over the place, and it actually worked pretty well.


We might be seeing the beginnings of a less predictable Rams offense; there will be growing pains, as a result, but with a set of receivers so unproven as these Bradford and the Rams are right to spread the ball around and see who sticks. After one game, Danario Alexander appears to have begun sticking.