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Sam Bradford Through Six: Playing Like A Zombie Is More Intriguing When You Aren't One

I'm not saying Sam Bradford's set the world on fire. But in hindsight, last year's St. Louis Rams quarterbacks seem to have existed only to show us just how exciting it would be to have a rookie quarterback playing shaky football in 2010. Sam Bradford, through his first six starts, is 133 for 234 for 1,357 yards passing, seven touchdowns, eight interceptions and 5.8 yards per attempt. If Marc Bulger had played like Marc Bulger last year we wouldn't be impressed by this at all.


But last year was the final stand of Zombie Marc Bulger, not to mention Kyle Boller, his partner in brain-eating. Through six games in 2009 Bollger was 113 for 195 for 1,121 yards — 5.7 yards per attempt, which is shockingly close — with five touchdowns and four interceptions. Bollger had a healthy Steven Jackson at its back, and it's a good thing, too; it always seemed like they were operating at maximum capacity, and any further utilization would cause a Sim City 2000 power plant meltdown.


Bradford has proven far too susceptible to the interception in 2010, but he's also been pushed for 39 more attempts, third in all of football; he's made mistakes, but he's been given every opportunity to make them. Bollger made mistakes because by this point in his career Marc Bulger was getting sack flashbacks every time he dropped back.