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Fantasy Football: Is Danario Alexander Really Starting Anywhere?

Danario Alexander appears at first to be a hot fantasy-related commodity. The Sports of St. Louis has, of late, been bombarded—relatively bombarded—with queries about his fantasy readiness, the long-term balkiness of that bad knee, and the long-term balkiness of the St. Louis Rams' offense, for that matter. People are excited about Danario Alexander in a way that they categorically weren't about Donnie Avery or Mark Clayton or even Danny Amendola, the de facto number one. 


But for all this concern, he's still the sleepingest of fantasy football sleepers, owned on 3.2% of ESPN fantasy leagues as of Thursday night. (Including mine, it should be noted, although I'm not the lucky owner.) He's a super-sleeper, I think—the idea is to wait until Sunday afternoon, see if his knee is attached, see if Sam Bradford is throwing to him, and then dump the backup who's been clinging to your bench since the fourteenth round of the draft and pick him up while everybody's still watching the game.