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NFL Update: Penalties Stop LeGarrette Blount, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Again

A false start on first-and-10 defused another Tampa Bay Buccaneers drive, leading to their third field goal of the afternoon in the third quarter of their home match-up against the St. Louis Rams. After Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount got the Buccaneers smoothly to the St. Louis 40 the false start set them back to first-and-15. Freeman’s third-and-12 pass to Mike Williams was worth seven yards, leading them those five short of a first down near the Rams’ red zone.

Since going to Blount the Buccaneers have had much more success running the ball. Blount, an undrafted running back out of Oregon heretofore most famous for punching an opponent as a college player, has five carries for 38 yards after having played sparingly all year. With Cadillac Williams struggling as much as he has all season—through two quarters he had three carries for two yards—he looks to get carries as long as he can perform even adequately. For now, at least, the Buccaneers have to be happy a running back has finally eclipsed Josh Freeman atop their rushing yard leaderboard for a game.