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St. Louis Rams Update: Danario Alexander On The Board, Steven Jackson Near 100 Yards Rushing

Week six sensation Danario Alexander finally appeared on the box score in the fourth quarter of this afternoon’s St. Louis Rams-Buccaneers game, catching his first pass for six yards after an early target in the first quarter landed incomplete. Alexander became the third wide receiver on the Rams to earn a reception in what has been a rough afternoon for quarterback Sam Bradford; fourth receiver Laurent Robinson was targeted once, downfield, but has otherwise been quiet.

The Rams’ first drive of the fourth quarter was unsuccessful but promising—Bradford went 2-for-2 for 11 yards and Steven Jackson crept toward 100 yards rushing for the third straight week. But the offense wasn’t able to get over a false start penalty that left them five yards short of a midfield first down, and Donnie Jones was brought on to punt the Buccaneers behind their own 20 yard-line.

With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter the St. Louis Rams cling to a 17-12 lead. Sam Bradford is 10-for-22 with 98 yards passing and two touchdowns; Steven Jackson has 18 crries for 96 rushing yards and two receptions for 26 yards, second on the team behind Danny Amendola.