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Sam Bradford And The NFC West

At Turf Show Times VanRam has a look at how Sam Bradford compares to the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFC West, and the answer is: Surprisingly well. Even after his monumental struggles last Sunday he's within shouting distance of everybody else in the division—and, of course, much better than Derek Anderson, something anyone who had ever watched Derek Anderson before could have predicted. (Seriously, all the Arizona Cardinals had to do was call me before they decided to dump Matt Leinart. I'd have told them.)


As VanRam concludes, this could be one of the major reasons the Rams are still competitive in the NFC West, for all their problems and near-misses—nobody's quarterback, be it the Seahawks' veteran Matt Hasselbeck or the 49ers would-be QB of the future Alex Smith, is playing considerably better than the Rams' rookie.


The gap that does exist between Hasselbeck and Bradford is crucial—if he were just a little more efficient, the Rams might have pulled out one of those non-Lions losses. If he can get better over the course of the season, as rookies are wont to do, 2010 could yet be very interesting.