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Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams Unleash The Deep Ball, Score Second Touchdown Of Afternoon

After spending much of the game in a cautious mode necessitated by their thin receiving corps, Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams looked downfield in the fourth quarter and increased their lead to 17-3. Bradford, who’s now 23-for-30 with 182 yards passing and two touchdowns, first got the Rams in the red zone on a 33 yard pass deep to Brandon Gibson, who now has five passes for 61 yards.

After penalties and a Steven Jackson run stopped behind the line of scrimmage put the drive at risk, Bradford and tight end Daniel Fells put together a 23-yard touchdown pass. The touchdown was Bradford’s 11th of the season and Fells’s second. After beginning the season with seven touchdowns and eight interceptions, Bradford has four against zero in his last two games.

After a first half in which he put together 102 yards on 22 attempts, Bradford’s now 5-for-8 with 80 passing yards in the second half. His passer rating is 113.5.