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St. Louis Rams Push Lead To 20-3, Eat Four Minutes Of Clock Following Interception

After the Rams’ second interception of the afternoon put their offense back on the field right after Sam Bradford’s second touchdown made it 17-3, the Rams began using up clock with a vengeance, using up nearly four minutes in a drive that saw Josh Brown kick two 41-yard field goals. The second one counted, giving the Rams a 20-3 lead with six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of their contest with the Carolina Panthers.

The drive began after Matt Moore was intercepted for the second time this afternoon—after a hot end to the first half Moore is just 13-for-22 with 96 passing yards and two interceptions. From there Bradford continued to be deadly accurate, and Steven Jackson continued to pound the ball up the middle. After a 41-yard field goal at the 8:30 mark was nullified by a defensive offsides penalty the Rams ran another two minutes down before ending up, thanks to a penalty of their own, at the exact spot they were before.

Josh Brown kicked another 41-yard field goal and the Rams held a three-score lead over the Carolina Panthers.