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Detroit Lions Won't Get To Pit Matthew Stafford Against Sam Bradford

After some vague hints in either direction all week the Detroit Lions have announced that Matthew Stafford won't be playing against the St. Louis Rams this week. Stafford, the Lions' own No. 1 overall quarterback and franchise savior, had his throwing shoulder separated by Julius Peppers in Week 1 of the 2010 season after missing six games in 2009.


For the Rams and Rams fans, still high on Sam Bradford's solid start, Stafford's presence on the Detroit sidelines has to be a little unnerving. It might look like Sam Bradford can't miss now — like he never could have missed — but it's so easy for slow starts and injuries to snowball. Stafford's actually months younger than Bradford; anything could still happen to either quarterback. 


Okay, that's a terrifying way to end an entry about Sam Bradford. 


... In conclusion, Bradford will throw for 400 yards and five touchdowns Sunday afternoon. He will never separate his shoulder, ever, except for the time he already did it. Yeah, that's better.