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Randy Moss Released, St. Louis Rams Fans Very Curious

It looks like the Randy Moss sweepstakes will be entering round two—the Minnesota Vikings have released their mercurial wide receiver, which means that every last team in the NFL is suddenly very critical of its existing wide receiver options. The St. Louis Rams, who have every reason to be, solid-enough play last week aside, are perhaps the most intriguing place for Moss to land yet—they have a bye week, they have a rookie quarterback who's done well with scraps, and their top two wide receivers are out for the season, full-stop.


Moss appears to be a headcase, but he's coming from a team that was stocked top to bottom with headcases, and who is dealing right now with the underperformance and MMS prowess of its own star quarterback. The Rams might worry about adding someone like Moss long-term, but this is one of the few situations in which they don't have to worry about that, as the Vikings just proved. If he's sharing all his KISS albums with Sam Bradford and teaching Brandon Gibson to throw rocks at police cars you can just dump him again.


For Moss, the situation is an improvement on his Vikings stint—he would get a chance to take credit for a team that's on the way up, instead of sharing in the blame of a team on the way down. if the Rams make the playoffs he's suddenly a veteran leader. As Mike Sando notes, the last veteran receiver to join the Rams was having his best season in years when his season-ending injury necessitated this kind of desperation move.


But will they do it? Turf Show Times notes that the Rams are further down the waiver priority than they used to be, but teams with worse records might be reluctant to pull the trigger on an eight game rental. If he falls to the Rams have to do their due diligence, here, if they have any desire at all to win now. The Rams can swing the $4 million he'll run over the rest of the season, too—it might even mean they sell some games out without having to beg Anheiser Busch to buy some blocks, for once.