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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: St. Louis Rams Climb NFC West In Absentia

The St. Louis Rams didn't play Week 9, and their place in SB Nation's Week 10 NFL Power Rankings didn't move, as a result—stuck at 22. But thanks to an assist from their rivals to the Northwest they moved into first place in the completely hypothetical SB Nation NFC West Power Rankings. In the words of Joel Thorman, "I can't believe I'm typing this but the Rams may be able to win this division." A stirring endorsement. The Seattle Seahawks, coming off two losses at a combined score of 74-13, fell from 19 to 23, and the division-leading Rams found themselves one spot behind the last-place Jacksonville Jaguars.


Okay, okay. So it's not a strong division. ESPN offers the Rams the 21st spot—and the Seahawks the 24th, and the honor of being the worst .500 team in football. It's important to have something to be proud of.


In the greater NFL picture the Rams remain in a holding pattern, but the way they've managed to come out on top of their division as the 22nd best team in football—well, it says a lot about the NFC West that I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about.