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St. Louis Rams Let Troy Smith, 49ers Go Deep Again, Trail 7-3

After a 64-yard bomb to Josh Morgan left the San Francisco 49ers at the one yard line a Frank Gore second-effort got them their first points of the afternoon, putting them up 7-3 on the first-place St. Louis Rams.

Troy Smith, who’s also been sacked twice, is now 2-for-2 for 97 yards, which is a strange line but impressive in its own way. His other long pass, 32 yards in a drive that led to a punt deep in Rams territory, was to tight end Vernon Davis. Alex Smith might have a hard time competing with it.

The Rams got the ball on the 26 with three minutes remaining in the first quarter. They’ll look to Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson to get them back in the lead. Meanwhile, The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are tied at 7; maligned starters Matt Hasselbeck and Derek Anderson have each proven solid in the first quarter.