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St. Louis Rams Tie Game 10-10, Sam Bradford And Danny Amendola Connect For Touchdown

Sam Bradford and de facto number one wide receiver Danny Amendola put together a solid drive in the second quarter, punctuated by a series of San Francisco 49ers penalties and finished with a five-yard touchdown pass from Bradford to Amendola that tied this NFC West showdown 10-10.

Bradford, 10-for-14 for 93 yards and the touchdown, was 4-for-5 on the drive, with three passes of four completions going to Amendola, who broke a crucial short pass for 25 yards that got the Rams on the Niners’ 15-yard line. But three penalties, including a face masking call on an eight-yard completion to Brandon Gibson, were just as important in marching the Rams downfield. Two Bradford incompletions were wiped off the board on Defensive Offside and Roughing the Passer calls.

49ers Linebacker Travis LaBoy was called for the facemask and roughing the passer—he should be prepared to run some extra windsprints in the near future.

As the Rams tied the game, their rival Seattle Seahawks went up 17-10 on the Arizona Cardinals.