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NFL Scores: Steven Jackson Begins To Heat Up, Runs 13 Yards For Touchdown

The St. Louis Rams regained their lead in San Francisco in the third quarter, thanks to a suddenly strong performance Steven Jackson. After earning just 23 rushing yards in the first half, Jackson now has 15 carries for 77 yards and the 13-yard touchdown run, as well as four receptions for 36 yards. The Rams’ 17-10 lead is their second of the afternoon; they opened the game up 3-0, but had trailed the 49ers ever since.

The Rams have gotten strong performances from Sam Bradford and his receivers as well. Bradford is 18-for-24 with 159 yards passing and one touchdown, in his second straight accurate performance. Danny Amendola has five receptions for 45 yards and a touchdown, as well as two rushes for 12 yards. Brandon Gibson, who serves now as the Rams’ deep threat by default, has five receptions for 52 yards.

The Rams’ 17-10 lead comes with a little more than two minutes left in the third quarter. The Seattle Seahawks, with whom they’re tied for the NFC West lead at 4-4, lead the third-place Arizona Cardinals 23-10 with five minutes to go in the third but find themselves without starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.