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NFL Overtime: Sam Bradford Drives St. Louis Rams Downfield For Game-Tying Field Goal

The St. Louis Rams’ chances looked slim after allowing a San Francisco 49ers touchdown on a sloppy drive with just two minutes remaining, but rookie quarterback Sam Bradford caught fire, driving the Rams to a game-tying field goal with just three seconds left on the clock. Josh Brown picked up the 33-yard field goal, his second of the game.

Bradford was 7-for-9 in the drive, bringing his game totals to 29-for-41 with 248 yards passing and one touchdown. The move into field goal range came courtesy of Steven Jackson’s seventh reception, a season high, for 25 yards. Laurent Robinson, who had been invisible all game, also played a major role in the team’s quick, efficient field goal drive.

The Rams received the ball to open the overtime period. But they’ve already seen that Sam Bradford has no problem in pressure situations. The Seattle Seahawks’ win has become final—they beat the Arizona Cardinals 36-18 to improve to 5-4.