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Sam Bradford: The St. Louis Rams' Official Good News Of Last Resort

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It's times like these when Sam Bradford must realize the journalistic weight that's been placed on his shoulders. Okay, so the St. Louis Rams lost a late lead and took a crushing overtime defeat that kept them from going over .500 for the first time since Mike Martz invented the forward pass. Okay, so the Seahawks beat up on the third-place Arizona Cardinals a week after getting their doors blown off for the second game in a row, after Matt Hasselbeck had a startlingly good game. And okay, so the Rams still haven't won on the road. 


When the good news stores are dry there is one reliable source for Rams fans: Sam Bradford made some progress. On Sunday Bradford continued the march past adequacy he began in October with one of his best starts of the season, going 30-for-42 with 251 yards passing and a touchdown, his 12th of the season, and putting together a heroic final drive to get the Rams a last-second tie that shouldn't have been necessary in the first place.


He's not perfect—they lost, and as accurate as he was, if he'd gotten a few more yards out those 42 attempts the Rams might have finished off one of the many chances they had to ice the game. But for a rookie quarterback he's doing some truly impressive things, and when there's nothing heartening left to take from a loss he has the unwelcome burden of being the, "At least..." guy.