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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 11: Sam Bradford Added, St. Louis Rams Defense Dropped

Week 11 has been a slow news itself for St. Louis Rams on fantasy football waiver wires the Internet over. ESPN has Sam Bradford, improving on a week-to-week basis, slowly but steadily increasing adds — he's moved to 28.8% owned as of this morning. That's well behind pack leaders like David Garrard, who's had two outstanding games in a row and has been added in 30% of leagues this week alone, and our own Ryan Fitzpatrick, who led the Buffalo Bills to their first win since Irish quarterbacks were allowed to vote with one of his more pedestrian games this season. But it's progress, and I'll take it.


Aside from Daniel Fells, who's surged forward 0.1% to be owned in 0.3% of leagues — I picked him up in an emergency one Sunday and was inexplicably rewarded, so I know the feeling, 0.1% — Bradford is the only positive mover and shaker on the add/drop lists. 


The St. Louis Rams' defense is their only showing on the drop list, falling off in 3.3% of leagues over the last seven days after bouncing up after their bye week. Chris Long's sudden and violent decision to show up in the box score has been helpful, whether it shows up in the Rams' fantasy add/drop numbers or not, but I have a feeling the defense's fortunes won't reverse permanently until the offense proves itself capable of putting a team away on a regular basis.