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NFL Power Rankings: St. Louis Rams Hold Steady After San Francisco Loss

The St. Louis Rams may have fallen a game back of the NFC West lead last week, but their place in the NFL Power Rankings has, for the most part, held steady. Admittedly, it might just be because nobody has any respect for the NFC West lead at this point anyway. 


The mothership's Power Rankings have the Rams steady at 22, but the Seattle Seahawks have leapfrogged them in the meantime, moving from 23 all the way to 19, which is still frighteningly low for Our Division Leaders. (They switched places with the Washington Redskins, who got Michael Vicked like nothing since ...


Moving on, at ESPN the Rams fell two spots to 23 from 21, and the Seahawks up from 24 to 20. ESPN likes the Atlanta Falcons, while SB Nation has pushed the New England Patriots to the top spot. At ESPN the Redskins stay ahead at 20, despite Michael Vick tearing them limb from limb, like ...


Finally, at Fox Sports, the — what I'm getting at, is that Michael Vick used to train dogs to kill other dogs. Just so we're clear. That's the cutting-edge subtext inherent in this piece. On Fox Sports, the Rams fall to 21 from a very aggressive 16.