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Fantasy Football: The St. Louis Rams Without Randy Moss

It's difficult to say, here on Tuesday morning, what the St. Louis Rams will look like tomorrow afternoon. Visions of Randy Moss dance once more in the NFL blogosphere's collective head. But lest we forget—the Rams won last week's game 20-10, and looked all right doing it. Here's what the fantasy-Rams look like on offense, in the event that things proceed in the Mossless direction.


Brandon Gibson's 33-yard reception in the fourth quarter (video) was a welcome dose of downfield action in an offense that's already lost two dynamic wide receivers for the season. With Danny Amendola seemingly operating at peak capacity, scooping up all the passes that have to be targeted at somebody and doing what needs to be done with them, the Rams are left with Gibson, the injured Danario Alexander, and the presumably soon-to-be-injured Laurent Robinson as internal upside candidates. 


Until one of them breaks through for two games in a row it's hard to say who that's going to be, so except in very deep leagues the Rams' fantasy receiving corps, like their real receiving corps, should be handled on a wait-and-see basis. And pick up Randy Moss if somebody waived him. 


Meanwhile, Sam Bradford shook off any concerns you might have had about his lackluster game against the San Diego Chargers, turning in his best performance of the season with a frighteningly accurate first half and a 25-for-32 finish. The 191 yards are more a reflection of his receiving corps and the limited play-calling options the team's left with than his abilities as a aggressive passer; last Sunday Bradford showed exactly the kind of player he can be now, and teased us with the player he could be in the future. He's a perfectly reasonable backup option right now, and keeper-leaguers have to be enthused with what they've seen.