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St. Louis Rams Come Out Swinging In Second Half, Take 17-16 Lead

After a first half where the St. Louis Rams’ defense just couldn’t stop bending the team came out swinging on every side of the ball, with a defensive three-and-out turning into a huge Danny Amendola punt return and a blistering march 37 yards into the end zone from the offense.

The defense forced the Atlanta Falcons to punt after allowing them to score on four consecutive drives, and Danny Amendola took advantage with a 33-yard return that left only the punter between him and the end zone. (He later caught one of two passes in the Rams’ blitzkrieg drive to the end zone.)

After that the offense began to click. Sam Bradford was 2-for-2 for 21 yards passing and a touchdown to Brandon Gibson, Bradford’s second of the afternoon and Gibson’s second of the season. Steven Jackson, after a slow first half, ran 16 yards on one attempt after managing just 29 in the first half.

It was a startling opening to the second half in a game the Rams seemed to have lost track of.