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Tim Tebow Show Doesn't Play Week 12

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Much to the chagrin of those of us who like to watch weird direct snap plays and wait for the Denver Broncos to allow first-round curiosity Tim Tebow to throw pass number two, Tebow didn't make a single appearance in week 12's Rams victory over the Broncos. Overall this season Tebow's been used 13 times in four games, resulting in three rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown. 


With the Broncos now 3-8, I can only hope, for my own amusement—I go to school in Fort Collins, so I'm up to my eyes in Broncos games—that they decide to do even more weird things to get Tim Tebow into the mix on offense. Line him up at tight end? Go for it! toss the ball to him and have him attempt to throw it—fling it might be a more accurate verb for Tebow's infamous motion—downfield? Nice! And by all means more direct snaps—it's weird to talk about direct snaps to a quarterback—in which Tebow immediately tucks the ball and runs over somebody. 


I am not suggesting that this is the best route for the Denver Broncos from this day forward. But it's like when the Cardinals are down ten runs in the eighth inning—I'm going to root for the Cardinals, sure, but I'm also going to root for Brendan Ryan to pitch.