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Randy Moss Plucked By Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams Stay On Sidelines

Payback, I guess, for Super Bowl XXXIV—the Tennessee Titans, surprisingly far down the waiver priority list, appear to have picked up wide receiver Randy Moss, meaning that the St. Louis Rams decided against making a move on the intermittently headcasey future Hall of Famer.


If this comes down, as has been rumored, to the state of the Rams' locker room, my first impression is that they've made a colossal mistake. Locker rooms in any sport are seen too often as causation and not correlation; anybody who's been on so much as a slow-pitch softball team knows that a winning locker room is happier than a losing one, and that no matter how well you get along there comes a point at which you've lost too many times in a row to stand looking at one-another.


On a one-year deal, with the option clearly open to dump him if he's a bad influence, I can't imagine the kind of locker room damage the Rams think he'll be able to do that's in excess of the value he brings to the field over Laurent Robinson or Mardy Gilyard. And if the Rams' front office can imagine it, I think they're mistaken.


The Rams are as good as they were last week, and that's fine—they're surprisingly, pleasantly pretty good. But they had a chance to come out of their bye week much better than they were, and they've passed it up for what strikes me immediately as sports-journalism hokum.