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Rams Pass On Randy Moss? Rams Ruin 2010 Season

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The St. Louis Rams declined to make a waiver claim on wide receiver Randy Moss, even though the All-Pro playmaker fills their exact need. Their inability to man up has cost them the 2010 season.

Is there anything worse than watching a TV show or movie and knowing exactly what the ending is going to be?

You know, besides cancer or Leno.

Not only is it a waste of everyone's time, it's also frustrating. I mean, if you can tell what's going to happen, how did the people on set miss it? Wasn't one person sane enough to just speak up and make a stand against crap entertainment?


They send it out to the public and hope for the best. As long as it makes money... who cares, right? They're not interested in artistic merit or rewards—they want those dollar dollar bills. And if you don't think this happens, Google Charlie Sheen's ratings for "Two and a Half Men" this week. Best ever, so CBS doesn't really have a problem with him screwing hookers while his kids sleep across the hall or dropping N-bombs to the police.

The Rams have a GLARING weakness on their team.

It's not a secret. It's not a rogue opinion. Anyone involved with watching this team play knows they don't have a wide receiver that can catch a pass over 15 yards. Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson are serviceable, but if you need them to get off press coverage and stretch the field, you'd be better served just taking a baseball bat and whacking Bradford, because he's getting sacked or throwing the ball out of bounds.

It's the reason Rams have a Martzian playbook devoted to 3-5 yard routes... it's the only ones the WRs can handle.

Meanwhile, Randy Moss, the biggest game breaker and best deep threat in a generation, was put on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings because he verbally abused the after-practice spread caterer. Randy Moss's services were up for grabs for a little more than $3 million. A pittance in the NFL.


With the tough part of the Rams' schedule coming up, you'd think for sure that they'd be the first ones to submit a claim to the NFL office for Mr. Moss. Hell, they might send Pat Shurmur to NYC to personally deliver the form, right? I mean, how much fun is it going to be to watch the Rams' young stud quarterback lob bombs to Moss while Steven Jackson runs wild from all the non-stacked boxes!

ZOMG! The Rams might just make the playoffs after all!

Wait. What?

The Rams didn't put in a claim? Surly you jest? Perhaps it's a clerical error. Maybe we should call Roger Goodell and see why they didn't get the notice that Randy Moss is the perfect fit for the Rams and is the guiding light to the promised land we've longed for?

Oh, I see. The Rams were being, well... the Lambs.

Three possible things happened here, and all three are unacceptable:

1. The Rams were uncomfortable with Moss's 'character': So Randy Moss is a spectacular douche. Tell me something I don't know. Guess what he also does? Plays football five times better than any of the receivers the Rams have on their roster right now. May I remind you that this isn't Major League Baseball. This isn't the NHL. If Randy Moss wants to be a complete jack-leg to the point where he really is toxic, you know what you do? You cut his ass.

But Hooks, then the Rams are on the hook for that salary and no one will claim him!

2. So the Rams are cheap: Let's face it. The Rams have had every home game reprieved from a blackout by the largesse of sponsors and TV partners. Even a 4-4 start has generated precious little interest in this team. And if you think that's conjecture, then look at the sea of empty seats at the EJD and racks of discount Rams merchandise at every ST. Louis retailer.

We all feel gooey and warm about Bradford and that haunting D—but in terms of dollars, the Rams aren't cashing in. So they saw the 3 million dollar investment in Moss as a gamble they couldn't swallow monetarily.

Oy. You're an idiot, Hooks—Moss wasn't claimed by the Rams because he doesn't fit into the system; the Rams are comfortable with with they've got. Which means:

3. The Rams are incapable of seeing reality: I love the 4-4 start. Trust me, I do. But it's also come at the feet of one of the easiest schedules in the NFL combined with an overload on home games. In the second half, the Rams aren't that lucky. They're going to have to go on the road. They're going to have to win 5 of 8 to make the playoffs. They're going to need playmakers to step up when big boy football comes around in November and December.

Who are those playmakers out wide? If the Rams think they're fine, then they're delusional.

So what is it?

Option one—scared. Option two—cheap. Option three—stupid.

A poo-poo platter of options that this franchise has been all too familiar with for the past four years. For whatever reason you choose, they passed on taking a chance to fix the one need everyone, including GM Billy Devaney, has admitted the team has.

Kind of like that TV show, nine weeks from now we're all going to be wondering what went wrong. Why did the Rams miss out on a golden opportunity to get into the postseason? Thing is, Wednesday we got the answer. We just have to wait for the ending to play out.

When will the Rams man up?