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Blood In The Water: Time For St. Louis Rams To Feast

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If you think the game this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals is going to be close, think again. The St. Louis Rams sense the blood in the water and are ready to pull back to .500.

That red stuff over there? Where all those 49ers are hanging out?  That's blood in the water, Rams fans. Big BP-ish gushers of blood all over the field, splayed out for the rest of the NFL to take notice. The Arizona Cardinals are hemorrhaging. Or regressing to the norm for Cardinal football. But either way, when the Rams travel to Phoenix this weekend we're going to find out if they've really, truly got any sharks on this team. Because playoff teams don't let the wounded rally... they go in for the kill.

This past Sunday, our first place—but still sub .500—football team efforted to put an embarrassing loss on their resume. Somehow they avoided disaster and consummated a relationship with the elusive mistress we call the road win.


And as much as I'd like to believe the white noise that emanated from the locker room post-road-win-coitus, I happen to think that this win was much, much larger than the coaches and players made it out to be. When you haven't been ‘in bed' for a while, everyone knows that the slump-buster is only the beginning. Soon, a bounty of wins is to come for the Rams.

We also saw the once-mighty Arizona Cardinals official fall from grace as they got humiliated at home by the equally win-challenged 49ers. If you need an exact moment to reference, I nominate the moment reporters feel emboldened to make the QB all but cry with a line of questioning as the official white flag.

So monkey off the back + team in turmoil = 6-6? Is that what you're saying Hooks?


The St. Louis Rams aren't a great football team. And with a 5-6 record, it's hard to argue that they're even average. But I do believe that actually posting a V on the road is going to do far more for the Rams' general confidence level than most people anticipate.

In fact, I expect a complete annihilation of the Gridbirds this Sunday. Not a handling, not beatdown. Not even a mauling. The Rams are going to jam on the Cards so hard that the University of Phoenix might just take their sponsorship of the stadium and go home. Bill Bidwell might just sell the team on the spot. Kurt Warner will officially declare that media please refer to him as the ‘former Ram'.

If not?

There are no ifs.  It's week 13 in the NFL, and if you're in the race in week 13, you're in the race to win. It's balls to the wall, kick ass and take names, full-throttle football for the next month. The team is juiced, the fans are pumped and if this team of lovable bums can come home to St. Louis for a week 15 showdown at the EJD for the Show-Me Cup against the Chiefs with a 6-7 record and both teams in the hunt?

Holy Hell- we might just have a REAL, LIVE NFL game atmosphere in St. Louis for the first time since 2005.

It's been five long years, Rams fan. But we're two weeks and one win against a terrible team away from making it a reality.