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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: St. Louis Rams Hold Steady At First Place

Oh, poor, poor NFC West. On SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings this week the Arizona Cardinals, two games out of first place, managed to unseat the Carolina Panthers as the sorriest team in football. The St. Louis Rams won a share of first place and held steady at 23. The Seattle Seahawks have been blown out four times in five games and remain the division's top representative, at 21st. I hope the NFC West's mom and dad haven't been Googling it lately; they might ask it to move back in with them, just until it's back on its feet. 


Things are a little better on ESPN, where the Rams move from 22nd to 18th, but it's only on the strength of an Arizona Cardinals slingshot effect—Mike Sando thinks they "have to like their chances with Sam Bradford going against Derek Anderson." Oh, Derek Anderson. As much as I like to make jokes about your lack of accuracy, I do think you sort of got jobbed for laughing on the sidelines. 


Finally, the Rams move the furthest on Fox Sports, jumping five spots to 18th. This is the one the NFC West can be proud of: They even move the Arizona Cardinals up two spots! Maybe they think Derek Anderson was justified in flipping out, too. At least, that's my only explanation.